Delta Block

Delta block is a super lightweight building block that enhances sustainability & durability; it is also fire resistant, mold resistant, sound-proofed, and it minimizes Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), leading to an energy efficient comfortable indoor climate. Delta Block autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is the brand of the century; it is considered to be one of the strongest brands in the building materials market. It has a long term guarantee for the best thermal insulation and solid quality. Delta Block breathes, due its unique cellular structure, and therefore creates a healthy environment for the people in the building.



Durability/ Workability

Delta blocks are made of inorganic material and the durability is quite similar to concrete. Delta Block AAC can be sawed, drilled just like wood, and thus is a very durable construction material. It facilitates easier fitting of plumbing, electricity and also wall fittings.

Fire Resistance

The raw material adopted and the Delta Block building unit itself is absolutely fire resistant. Experimental results that have been conducted shows that 10 cm thick walls made of Delta Block can withstand fire for at least 4 hours, resisting up to 1200°C.

Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction

AAC wall has an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating, which is 48, and this ensures efficient sound proofing in any building. The use of Delta Block not only isolates outdoor noise interference but also assures a comfortable sound environment indoors.

Thermal Insulation

Delta Block is a mineral, non-combustible and ecologically valuable thermal- insulating material with many flexible applications. It is really safe to use, fire resistant, and is an economic construction material.

Moisture Resistance

Delta Block walls are vapor diffusion permeable, which can absorb and retain a great deal of moisture if it comes in contact with water for a long period of time. Also, in case of a flood occurring, both the static properties, and physical properties of Delta Block remain stable.

Light Weight & High Load Capacity

The dry density of delta block ranges between (500-550kg/m^3), which is 1/3 of clay bricks, and 1/4 of concrete blocks. Being lightweight, delta block (AAC) radically reduces the dead-weight of any building, which results in reducing the amount of steel used (up to 15% of structural cost saving), which eventually reduces the cost of materials used to construct any building.