Our Building Materials and Insulation Divisions make us one of the leading solution providers for ecological and sustainable construction. Our products make an important contribution to the construction of energy-efficient, high-quality buildings and thus to the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources. They have received numerous awards and certificates in recognition of their environmentally friendly characteristics. We aim to make our products even better every day.

Energy efficient and affordable housing – delivered sustainably.”
DBS stands for innovative, safe and sustainable building and insulation materials and is a provider of solutions for energy-efficient, healthy and cost-optimized construction. But it is not only our products that stand for sustainability. As a company we also aim to make the best possible use of human, natural and financial resources in terms of sustainable development.

Embodied Energy

•Initial & Recurring

Materials Efficiency

•Reuse & recycle, dimensional planning
•Material management

Resource Efficiency

•Recycled content
•Sourced locally

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

•During construction
•Initial occupancy and over time

It is our ambition to become the best team in our industry, which is why we aim for constant improvement and development. In doing so, we bear responsibility for our employees. We promote talent, create performance incentives and reward top performance. We offer flexible working schemes and a culture of openness and respect. Our tailor-made development and training programs help our employees to fully exploit their potential.