The Delta Building Systems is committed to continuously improving the quality and development of our workforce and our business partners worldwide. The global nature of our business and improvement in communication technology are the basis and an ideal opportunity for us to transfer our know-how and solutions to a wide and varied audience. The learning content, consisting of short e-learning modules offers our employees and our partners detailed and structured knowledge for their personal development at their own convenience.

DBS training programs

In addition, DBS runs training programs (see seminars) on a monthly basis to educate applicators. Once an applicator has completed our course, we issue 3 kinds of diploma depending on the level of knowledge, bricklaying speed, accuracy and finishing as well as efficient use of material Plena Egypt is also present to give you, our client, helpful construction tips on how to build properly with AAC blocks so that everything runs like clockwork.

We hope that you have the opportunity to visit the many courses and modules which we have on offer and most of all we hope that you have fun learning in the process.