We are proud to serve a steady growing number of architects, planners, builders and owners of private and commercial buildings.
You will find our products in any kind of building regardless the function, architecture or environmental conditions. Yet as different as our customers are they all aim for innovation and perfection but moreover they are adamant to find an ecologically friendly cost effective solution.
The Client Technical Department aims to give our clients customized technical support for every individual construction project.
Whether it comes to questions of detail with regard to the application, technical specifications or construction details of planning: expert advice and information will be given in order to accomplish the project success.

Our technical engineering services are at your convenience 24/7. Hand in Hand with our clients until the client is ultimately satisfied with the construction. Delta Building Systems offers on-site technical support and construction supervision with a highly qualified team of technical engineers and supervisors, ensuring the correct application of our products. We also present upon request a list of certified and fully trained Masonry Contractors and brick layers with equivalent market rates. The delivery of any of our products is ensured to be with the highest quality and minimum waste, 24/7 through our up to date fleet. We also offer customer care services, and an integrated design service.
It is crucial that Delta Building Systems spreads the proper product awareness, and educates the market of our products; making sure all of our customers are highly satisfied.

Before Sales Services

After Sales Services