Plena Group

Is an established investment management company, specializing in cross border acquisitions with a focus on emerging markets. We’re a value investor. We don’t invest on future promises but rather on historical performances and strong asset base. Our typical investments range from €500,000 to €200m. Our track record proves that we deliver on our investments sufficiently. 

Our resources and our investment expertise in emerging markets enable us to successfully transform investment companies, allowing them to realize their potential.

The cornerstones of our success

Independence and knowledge

We’re an independent investment company. We have no affiliation with any institution, and we only invest in businesses that we understand.

Experience and transparency

Our team has significant experience in cross-border transactions in emerging markets. We apply transparent and financially sound policies to all of our investments.

Fast decision-making

Our investments are actively managed – we’re in a position to act fast and mitigate possible risks, keeping our investments on track.

Entrepreneurial mind-set with responsibility

To maximize profitable growth, we encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set amongst our investment managers. This mind-set is maintained while upholding the group’s social and environmental responsibilities.